Motorhome Services, Servicing, MOT & Repairs

Here at D Melling and Sons we`ve got you covered for your motorhome. We are able to offer all the services needed to help keep your motorhome in the best condition for all of your future travels…. wherever they may take you.

We can offer motorhome MOTs , motorhome servicing and motorhome repairs.

Motorhome MOT

Try to arrange your motorhome MOT once a year if your motorhome is three years old or more. It`s just like your car so If you don’t sort out your MOT, your road tax and insurance can become invalidated. But it`s also for your own peace of mind so that you know that your motorhome is roadworthy and that your future travels will be safe.

We can provide Class 4 classifications for motorhomes up to 3.5 tonnes in size and Class 7 for those models that are over 3.5 tonnes. More detailed tests are involved for larger motorhomes so please get in touch and give us your motorhome details.

We have been providing motorhome MOTs for our customers for many years and have all the latest facilities in our workshop to ensure that we can go over everything from your brake lights to your wheels, tyre tread and more. We will categorise the parts that need improving.

Motorhome Servicing

We provide reliable and high-quality motorhome servicing for our customers across the north of England, and our AWS The workshop at D Melling and sons has everything to keep your motorhome in great condition and running safely on your travels.

Our fully qualified motorhome technicians are able to carry out a wide range of services from small gas tests to large body repairs and oil and filter changes.

Tips for Motorhome Maintenance: Keep a detailed maintenance log to track service intervals and repairs. Regularly wash and wax the exterior to protect the finish. Use products and cleaners specifically designed for RVs to avoid damage. Store the motorhome in a covered or climate-controlled space if possible.



Motorhome Repairs

Motorhome repairs can vary widely depending on the type of motorhome, the issue at hand, and whether the repair is related to the engine, electrical systems, or the structure itself.

Resources: Refer to your motorhome’s owner’s manual for specific maintenance schedules and repair instructions. Taking good care of your motorhome through regular maintenance and timely repairs will ensure it remains reliable and enjoyable for

Here are some common types of motorhome repairs and tips for each:

Engine and Mechanical Repairs

Regular Maintenance: Ensure regular oil changes, filter replacements, and tune-ups.

Brake System: Check brake pads, rotors, and fluid levels regularly.

Transmission: Monitor for fluid leaks and ensure smooth shifting.
Suspension and Steering: Inspect for wear and tear, and ensure proper alignment.

Electrical System Repairs

Battery Maintenance: Keep batteries charged and replace them when necessary.

Wiring Issues: Look for frayed wires, poor connections, or blown fuses.

Lighting: Replace burnt-out bulbs and ensure all exterior and interior lights function properly.

Generator: Regularly service the generator and check for fuel and oil levels


Give us a few details about you and your car and we will be in touch to book you in.